Pre-planning your Booth...

Measure the space where you want to install your custom kitchen or family room dining booth.Just measure your space from the corner to each seat end where you would like your booth. Send us the dimensions and a description of the area. (Will the booth be up against a cabinet, are there heat registers, electrical outlets, windows, doorways etc. in or adjacent to the area...) Contact us with this information and we will give you an approximate table size and maximum seating capacity for your space.


Use our Design Kit to sketch your space. See for yourself if a booth works for you! If you are not within our delivery area we will ship it to you for self installation. Ten feet of Booth Comfortably seats four adults. A 30 X 54 inch table in an "L" Configuration seats 7 with chairs.

Design Kit InstructionsMiniumum space requirements for a custom booth for intimate dining in your kitchen, dining room, or family room.

  • Most of our L shaped booths cover an area about 4 X 6 feet.  With a little creativity, we can probably accommodate your dining area.
  • The minimum width to have opposing booth seating is 6 feet with seating running 4 ft out from the wall for comfort.
  • Include measurements of the space where the booth will fit. Measure from wall surface to wall surface. (good idea to remove base boards or any trim work and moldings to measure)
  • Include the locations of any electrical outlets, phone jacks, heating or cold air return registers, radiators or baseboard heaters or any other obstructions that need to be taken into consideration for the design of your booth.
  • If you have a window in the space where your booth is going, measure from each wall to the trim work of the window. Measure from the floor up to the sill trim, . On another piece of Graph paper, sketch the wall and window so we know where it is placed on the wall.
  • FREE EstimateIt is also helpful if you can send pictures of the space where your booth is going.
  • Download and print the graph paper (below), then draw and email us a sketch of your idea!



People Love their Custom Booths from Galaxy...

The booth is installed and looks FABULOUS!

Homeowners throughout the United States, from the Twin Cities to the east and west coasts, love their custom made kitchen booths by Galaxy Custom Booths in Wyoming, MN.The booth is installed and looks FABULOUS!   Your instructions were so detailed and everything was labeled so the process went very smoothly.

We will DEFINTELY want to be on you list of customer referrals if the need should ever arise.

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