Homeowners throughout the United States, from the Twin Cities to the east and west coasts, love their custom made kitchen booths by Galaxy Custom Booths in Wyoming, MN.OMG!! I remember having one of these custom made booths. We purchased what would now be called a very small home (3 bedroom rambler built in 1969).  There was not much room in the kitchen/dining room and all we had was a small round table with 4 chairs - not conducive to a family. So we purchased a booth from Galaxy.  

That booth was wonderful. Galaxy came out, measured everything, allowed for height and adjustment around the two windows on two walls. We got a floating table top that allowed us to move the table top closer to 2 small children on their booster seats, of course, fabric that kids could not destroy. Plus all that storage under the booth benches. Unfortunately, when we knocked out the back wall of the house and put an addition on, the booth was no longer necessary. I would recommend one of these to anyone remotely interested in one. I don't care for booth seating in a restaurant, but I sure liked it in my home when I needed it.

- Dianne